CIBRA has been in discussions with the Federal Government the issue of eliminating unfair import tariffs on bicycles and continues to exert pressure on politicians and officials in the Finance Department to ensure Canadian bicycle retailers and consumers get relief from this unfair tax on bicycles.

In late 2013 CIBRA won a small victory when, as a result of our intervention, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) updated a ruling, in effect acknowledging that there is no longer a significant base of bicycle manufacturing in Canada to warrant trade protections. Following this ruling in favour of our position, CIBRA has continued to pursue our shared goal of eliminating, once and for all, this hidden tax on Canadian bicycle retailers and their customers.

We need your help to ensure the Government hears our voice loud and clear and moves to act on this important issue. Below you can find a template letter you can fill out and send to your local MP to let them know this is an issue that matters to you.

Find your local MP (click here)

Download template letter: EN / FR

Once downloaded, please fill in your name, address, as well as local MP name and address, and send it off! Please be sure to CC us at so we can keep track of our campaign.

Read our letter to Transport Minister Lisa Raitt re Canada Post: Click Here

CIBRA’s advocacy efforts are powered by the support and encouragement of our membership generally and by our Advocacy Committee specifically. If you would like to be part of this committee, please contact us at the email address above.