Job Title: Sales Manager

Company: Caps Westwood Cycle

Company Website:

Job Location: Various Locations in the Lower Mainland B.C.

Job Description:
Job Description- Sales Manager
Directly reports to – Store Manager
Location-As required

Directly responsible for; Assisting the Store Manager in all aspects of managing a designated store, and deputizing in his or her absence, with primary responsibilities relating to the sales floor and sales employees in accordance with the Standards of Operating procedure manual including but not limited to:-

• Lead by example promoting a positive, happy and friendly attitude within your store at all times.
• Enforce the culture and values of Westwood Cycle at all times.
• Ensure the ‘non- negotiables’ are always followed:
1. Arrive at work on time.
2. Follow the dress code
3. Leave your problems at home (be happy at work)
4. Show respect to your customers & fellow employees.
5. Take responsibility for your own actions.
6. ‘It’s not my fault, but it’s my problem’

• The interviewing and hiring of new employees in accordance with the “Standards of Operating Procedures” (SOP) and in compliance with all laws relating to the hiring and employment of employees.
• Training and continuous improvement of employees in your designated store, including those on secondment from other location(s), managers in training (MIT’s) and assistant managers, sales managers & service managers.
• The keeping of up to date records relating to all current and previous employees pertaining to their employment status, training, appraisal, disciplinary action and development. Paperwork to be returned to Head Office within 7 days.
• Perform a minimum of 1 formal appraisal of each employee in the first 3 months of every calendar year.
• Identification of potential candidates for advancement.
• Assigning of specific tasks and goals on an ongoing basis (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) in accordance with the needs of the business, store targets, budgets & metrics, and other tasks including those listed in the SOP such as cleaning, inventory counting and restocking & merchandising.
• Posting an schedule at least 4 weeks in advance for all employees to cover the needs of the business in all areas including but not limited to cashiering, sales floor, service writing, mechanics and bike building, in accordance with the designated opening hours of your store accounting for seasonal variances, special events and workload.
• Ensure all employees are correctly trained on the use and storage of all equipment within the store including but not limited to ladders, tools, signage and fixtures.
• Correctly schedule vacations for your store in accordance with the SOP and needs of the business

Monetary Control
• Maintain strict control of all methods of payment collected and used within your store including but not limited to cash, credit & debit cards, or coupons & rebate notes. Investigate all overages & shortages fully & explain all findings adequately.

Inventory Control.
• Adequately stock your store in accordance with your inventory budget to meet the needs and tastes of your customers.
• Maintain a clean, well organized storage area in accordance with the SOP for all product categories to ensure the upmost care is taken with all products, and for the safety of employees handling them.
• Set up Min/Max values for all current product and delete all Min/Max values once product becomes discontinued, superceded, or is replaced by an alternative product in accordance with the Brand Plan.
• Follow the assigned Brand Plan for your store for the current year to make your decisions relating to products stocked.
• Maintain Cycle counts for all inventory in accordance with the SOP ensuring that all store inventory is counted at least every 3 months, with designated service department categories counted weekly. Keep and maintain records of all counts, and investigate fully all overages & shortages.
• Investigate aged inventory at least once per month and identify slow sellers. Report findings to the GM for determination on price reductions.
• Perform year end inventory in accordance with SOP on designated day (usually mid January)
• Complete vendor bookings at the designated times as set by the GM in accordance with the SOP and management handbook.
• Control the flow of inventory in and out of your store and maintain the integrity by regular checking of receiving accuracy, inventory adjustments, warranty processing.
• Transfer inventory as needed or requested between your store and others in order to control costs, ensuring product is transferred on time and in satisfactory sellable condition with all administration and paperwork completed correctly.
• Submit all required paperwork to head office in accordance with the SOP by the required time
• Submit employee schedules to Head Office at the appropriate time as requested for wage payment purposes.
• Perform daily maintenance of the Special Order book & Warranty book
• Perform weekly maintenance of the following reports. Report all issues to the GM within 24 hours.
i) Product sold with no category
ii) Product sold with no cost
iii) Negative inventory
iv) Inventory received.
v) Remove duplicate in store products.

• Perform monthly maintenance of the following reports. Report all discrepancies and issues to the GM within 24 hours
i) Aged inventory
ii) Sales by vendor with profit & margin for previous month & year to date.
iii) Ascend Health Checkup
iv) Database Health Assessment.
v) Trek retailer scorecard.
• Reply to all e mail requests for information from the GM or owners by the required date & time.
• Check & maintain your store’s email accounts for info & service at least once per day.
• Perform 1 Supplier Performance Review per vendor per year at the designated time (usually July/August)

Property & Equipment
• Protect and maintain all property and equipment belonging to your store including but not limited to buildings, grounds, fixtures, tools, computers & peripherals, signage etc. to ensure public safety, longevity of use and appearance. Report any issues to the GM immediately following discovery of any deficiencies.

Loss Prevention
• Ensure all employees are instructed on the security procedures and equipment in your store, policies and laws relating to theft, and their role in reducing losses.
• Perform bag checks at least once per day at the end of every shift. Report any issues to the GM immediately.


• Ensure all products and categories are merchandised within your store in accordance with the SOP, current brand plan and planograms & templates.
• Issues relating to availability of product from vendors are to be reported to the GM on an ongoing basis.

Marketing and Promotions

• Ensure all promoted products are correctly displayed and merchandised in accordance with promotional instructions and that all related signage is present, in good condition and displayed correctly.
• Ensure that promoted products are adequately stocked during the timeframe of that promotion.
• Where your participation in an event is required, Your store must provide the necessary resources as requested by the GM or owners to ensure maximum benefit from that event, including but not limited to employees and equipment and information on a timely basis.

Conduct & Etiquette

• It is expected that you conduct yourself both inside and outside of work in a manner that represents the values and professionalism of Westwood Cycle, that conversations with vendors, employees and customers alike are kept professional and courteous.
• All customer complaints are dealt with in a timely manner and a resolution is found to the satisfaction of the customer and the company.
• All company information is to be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the SOP.
• Ensure all laws relating to business operation are followed within your store including but not limited to discrimination of any kind (racial, sexual etc.), health & safety, privacy and retail standards.
• It is also expected that you attend training courses, meetings, further education and vendor events as requested by the GM & owners.
• Solve problems & create memories.

Working to Budgets

• You are responsible for ensuring that your store achieves budgets and targets assigned to you by the GM, including but not limited to; sales, inventory, shrinkage, wages, expenses and store performance metrics. Issues relating to store performance are to be discussed with the GM on a weekly basis, and reported once a month at the management meeting.

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Posting Date: 2/1/15