The Canadian Independent Bicycle Retailers’ Association (CIBRA) exists to help Canada’s Independent Bicycle Retailers to compete, grow, and thrive in their communities. Our mission is to deliver you cost-saving benefits, valuable education and training opportunities for you and your staff, and to carry the voice of your business to every level of government with focused advocacy.

At CIBRA, your membership investment is appreciated and your voice is heard. CIBRA’s vision is to be the industry portal for access to retail business experts and all the tools, resources, and information you need to be successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We’re here to help you work through the details and challenges of being a Canadian IBD, so that you can focus on growing your sales and taking care of your customers.


Cost-saving benefits:

Added value and marketing

Skills and training

  • Bicycle Mechanic Skills Training Standards and Certification (coming soon!)


The benefits you’ll receive by becoming a part of CIBRA will improve your business, and the business of the cycle industry in Canada—that’s our value promise to you.