Bicycles make an important contribution to the health and well-being of Canadians, and are one of the key elements of sustainable transportation.

In Canada, unfortunately, the use of bicycles for sport and commuter purposes remains far behind what’s common in other industrialized countries. On behalf of our members, and the industry as a whole, we are committed to the promotion of cycling generally, advocating for better commuter and trail infrastructure across the country, communicating the positive attributes of bicycle use to the public and to government, and partnering with member businesses and organizations to ensure the best educational programs are available to the public.

In addition to advocating for greater investment in infrastructure to improve the safety and accessibility of cycling for all Canadians, CIBRA channels the voice of the Canadian cycling industry to all levels of government. We have, and continue to work to secure fairer trade policies to ensure our members’ businesses can stay sturdy and competitive in an increasingly wired and global marketplace.

CIBRA’s advocacy efforts are powered by the support and encouragement of our membership generally and by our Advocacy Committee specifically. If you would like to be part of this committee, please contact us at []

Awards of Distinction

Each year CIBRA confers a special series of awards to groups and individuals who have made a difference for Canadian cyclists and/or for the cause of safer and more accessible cycling in Canada. We call these awards the CIBRA “Primes”—after the prizes given to cyclists for sprints or laps within a longer race. As we strive together to build a more prosperous and robust Canadian cycling industry, we believe it is important to recognize and applaud those outstanding achievements along the way.

CIBRA Primes Awards of Distinction Nomination Categories:

• Independent Bicycle Retailer of the Year Award

• Achievement by a Local or Municipal Government

• Award for Contribution by a Politician

• Award for Initiative by a Local Cycling Association

Contact us at  for more information or to send us your nominations for this years’ CIBRA Primes!